Our step-by-step process has been designed to make our service really easy to use:-

  • Register as a user
  • Create your advert, including image uploads of your items
  • Review and confirm the content of your advert
  • Submit your advert and process your payment

Some of the benefits of listing an advertisement on our website are that:-

  • you can include an ample amount of copy to fully describe your item so that potential buyers will have the information they require to appraise your item and make an enquiry
  • you can upload up to ten images that when viewed in a search result will be in a large format so that you are able to show buyers detailed views of your item where required
  • your advertisement will be scheduled for listing until sold or cancelled prior by the advertiser
  • where appropriate to do so, you can make an unlimited number of changes to your advertisement throughout the duration of the listing so that it will always be up to date
  • we will proactively assist you with the management of your listing so that you will always be in control of when it will appear on the website
  • the fee structure for your advertisement is simple and so ensures that you will always have certainty about the cost of your advertisement

Our goal is to provide both the seller and the buyer with an uncomplicated service to advertise, as well as to source their items of special interest.

We bring the buyer’s market to you. Our website achieves a regular stream of unique repeat and new visitors each day, with potential buyers making searches across all categories on offer. We will continuously advertise in mass electronic media, specialty publications, on Google and to other specialty sources of potential buyers such as auto clubs, to ensure that your items have exposure to the most likely buyers in the marketplace. At any given time, it may be likely that there is one or more a buyers for your item as the internet and various TV programmes have created a huge interest in collectables.  

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