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www.whatsinyourpaddock.com.au is a privately owned website dedicated to 'Connecting sellers with special interest buyers'.

Take a moment to think about it... Do you really know what items of realisable value there may be lying around in your paddock, or shed, or garage or anywhere else in and around your property for that matter?

The internet has stimulated a significant rejuvenation in original, collectable items and items for restoration.

The automobile category has always been very popular for restorers and collectors. The internet as a resource is facilitating and assisting enthusiasts worldwide to indulge in their passion by having easy access to research information, technical data and availability of the actual items they require to commence, advance or complete their respective projects.

We have recognized this worldwide phenomenon and by providing both the seller and the buyer with a free, efficient and uncomplicated service, we believe that we will be the authoritative, internet based resource for the offering and procurement of special interest items in the listed categories.

Users of the website will notice that the listing process is simple and at present there are no listing fees - all lsitings are completely free of charge.

We will endeavor to evolve the website as additional needs arise and welcome your feedback, which can be sent via our contact form.